Rules 2019

MusicForKids International Festival
10th Edition, Iasi 2019

The MusicForKidsAsociation and Iasi City Hall organize the 10th Edition of the International Music Festival from Children and Teenagers Palas Iasi,Romania 2019
MusicForKids represents an interpretation contest and its target is to promote the childrens and the teenagers in a great show broadcasted live in internet and television.
I. Festival period :  01-05 AUGUST 2019
II. Participation conditions

2.1 Age categories & Sections:Solo solist cathegory:
  • CATHEGORY E – 12- 13 YEARS
  • CATHEGORY  F – 14- 16 YEARS
2.2 Group cathegory ( duets, trio etc. ). The group can have member with age enter 4 and 18 years;
2.3 Pop opera cathegory
  • -pop opera singers
3.2    Preselection 

3.2.1 Contest  Regulations
All who want to participate in the MusicForKids Festival will send without exception to : 
  • Two songs in mp3 format, ONLY POSITIVE (following that after the preselection only the accepted contestants to send negatives in order to make the playlist or a youtube link with the contestant performing ;
  • copy of birth certificate or CI where appropriate. 
  • 2 artistic photos of the contestant; photos presenting near the contestant diploma or trophies and photos from shows are not allowed. 
  • contest registration form completed clear and correct (you can find the form on the festival website ) ; 
IV. Performing the festival
The first half of the contestants of each category, in alphabetical order, will perform during the first day of the festival. The second half of contestants will perform during the second day of festival. All the contestants MUST attend each day of the festival. We expect all contestants to show fair play and to support and encourage the other contestants. All contestants will have VIP seats in front of the audience, during the day they will not perform.
The decisions of the contest Jury and of the preselection Jury shall be irrevocable and final.  No contests/disputes are allowed.

  • The big Trophy 
  • The following awards will be given:
  • The big trophy for the Group section .

Trophy for each age category in the Interpretation section;
1,2,3,M1,M2 prizes for each age category ;

    - Children Jury Award (for each category) ;
  • Prizes of other international contests organizers.
  • Other prizes from the sponsors;
  • Each contestant will receive participation certificates and prizes from sponsors.
I.  Jury
The jury will include roumanian and international personalities. The contestant will be judged as overall product:  stage presence, song interpretation, intonation and rhythm compliance (acapella), attitude, age-appropriate attire, hearing music, etc. 
It is not enough to have just a good voice, but you also have to express something on stage and make yourself be liked. To ensure fairness of the jury, the jurors’ names will not be revealed until the first day of the contest. 
For further details please contact us by phone 0745.934.023 ( or whats up ) or email 
Note:  The arrival of the foreign competitors in Iasi will be on 01 of August  2019 and the departure from Iasi will be on 05 august 2019
NOTE: After the registration every contestant will receive the book of the contestant with all the information regarding the event.
The event will be broadcasted live on internet and on a national television.
 Waiting for you at the contest!
The head of the contest
Alina Todasca